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Ideas for Science Fair Projects

Here is a list of questions that might help suggest science fair projects related to photosynthesis. The details are left to the students to work out as the purpose is not to do the work for the students, but to get them thinking about their projects.

  1. Do plants need light to conduct photosynthesis?

  2. Do plants grow better with a mix of daylight and darkness, or total daylight?

  3. Do plants need fresh air to grow?

  4. Do plants need soil to grow?

  5. Do plants need fertilizer to grow?

  6. Do plants grow faster under certain colors of light?

  7. Is natural sunlight, fluorescent light, or incandescent light best for plants?

Student Science Fair Examples

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Let us know if you have set up a web site for your science fair projects. If you have, we would be glad to provide a link to it. Send your URL to

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