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Energy, Plants and Man

by David Walker

Second Edition

A comprehensive presentation of the basic concepts of photosynthesis together with a discussion of the greenhouse effect, global warming, renewable resources, pollution and the consequences of increasing populations.

Paper, 277 pages

"An excellent resource for students." Gerald Edwards, Washington State University
"It is easy and fun to read. I recommend the book to my students." Richard E. McCarty, Johns Hopkins University
"This volume will be a valuable resource to the researchers in many areas, from photosynthesis to ecology." Charles Arntzen, Arizona State University
"The most refreshing and fun book I have ever read in the field of science. This book is a landmark and a major breakthrough in science writing." Govindjee, Professor of Plant Biology & Biophysics, University of Illinois at Urbana.
"Very good value for money." George Porter, Imperial College, London.
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Table of Contents

1. Fundamentals - Matter and Energy. Atoms, Molecules and Bonds; Oxidation and Reduction; The Source of Organic Carbon; Products of Photosynthesis; Chemical Compostion of Leaves; Energy Transductions in Photosynthesis; The Laws of Thermodynamics.
2. Where it All Starts
. Solar Energy; The Sun; The Nature of Light; The Energy Content of Light; Units; Light Intensity; Availability of Solar Energy; Light as an Energy Carrrier; Fluorescence; Quenching Analysis.
3. Harvesting the Sun
. Photoreceptors; Photosynthetic Units; Light-harvesting Antennae; Chlorophyll Protein Complexes; PSI and PSII Reaction Centres; Electron Carriers; Beyond PSI, Starch Pictures; Structure of Chloroplast.
4. Assimilatory Power.
Reduction of NADP; Z-Scheme; Non-Cyclic or Linear Electron Transport; Cyclic Electron Transport; Hydrolysis ATP; Assimilatory Power; Utilization of Assimilatory Power.
5. The Dark Biochemistry
. C3 Photosynthesis; Photosynthetic Carbon Assimilation; Calvin Cycle; End Product and Autocatalysis; Energy Inputs; Stoichiometries; Photorespiration; Oxygenation; C4 Photosynthesis; C4 Plants; Crassulacean Acid Metabolism; Dark Acidification; Light Deacidification; Energy Costs.
6. Of Plants and Men
. Eating Potatoes; Defying Thermodynamics; Rods, Poles and Perches; Sunbeams into Cucumbers; Oil into Potatoes; Photsynthetic Efficiency; Standing Crop Efficiency; Roofs and Ceilings; The Need for Dissipaton; Acid Bath Technology.
7. Doom and Gloom
. The Greenhouse Effect; Greenhouse Gases.
8. Consequences and Uncertainties
. The Missing Sink; Will Temperatures Rise and Catastrophe Folow? Can Population be Maintained? Malthus Revisited; What will happen if We Get it Wrong; How will Rising Carbon Dioxide Affect Plants? Carbon Dioxide as a Fertilizer; Increased Water Use Efficiency.
9. Is There Another Way?
Procreation and Population; An Inversion of Ends and Means; Going Critical; The Virtue of Thrift; World Energy Conservation Help? Renewable Resources; Looking at Alternatives; Ocean Energy; Photovoltaics; The Rain Forest; Biofuels; Hydrogen Power.

Text copyright 1992 David Walker
Illustrations copyright 1992 by Richard Walker

ISBN 1 870232 05 4

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